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Here is what some of Booka Smith’s clients say about her characteristics as an employment lawyer, and the quality of her legal services:

“I retained Booka Smith after being wrongfully terminated from my position as Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 500 Company. Booka was highly responsive, detail oriented, systematic, straight shooting, sharp and tough. Well qualified to handle high-dollar, executive employment level matters, she was a true business partner with a laser focus on maximizing results in a timely manner. If stepping into the ring, I highly recommend Booka Smith be in your corner.” -- Jim C., Whistleblower & Former Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 500 Aerospace-Engineering & Manufacturing Company

"I engaged Booka to represent me in negotiating a settlement with my former employer after I was wrongfully terminated and the victim of multiple civil rights violations. I came to Booka feeling hopeless, stressed and angry. Booka immediately helped me regain my confidence with our very first conversation. Booka brings the right balance of experience, grit, logic and empathy to help her clients get the results they need and deserve. Booka ultimately helped me secure a significantly higher out-of-court settlement value from my former employer in a very short time -- allowing me to refocus my life on what matters. Booka is a powerhouse of knowledge and has a tough and fair approach that commands respect. Her professionalism throughout the negotiation process was critical in achieving a swift and efficient out come for both parties." -- Erin B., Former Senior Marketing Executive for a Multi-National Food and Beverage Company wrongfully terminated in violation of multiple civil rights statutes

"I had known Booka personally for years before retaining her to represent me during a contentious exit from a pre-IPO Silicon Valley company. Booka showed enormous legal knowledge as well as industry knowledge, often leaving the opposing attorney speachless with her concise arguments. Booka quickly earned the respect of the defendant's legal team and drove my case to a successful conclusion, to the benefit of me and my family. If you find yourself in a situation where your workplace civil rights have been violated, look no further than Booka to represent you. She is second to none." -- Pedro P., Former Sales Engineer for Computer Software Development Company and victim of National Origin discrimination  

“Our company was ‘bullied’ by a large corporate concern. Booka brought all the right elements to the game that allowed us to come to a quick and positive outcome. She was tenacious and clearly showed the opposing counsel and their client that we would not be intimidated. She did her homework and was always extremely well prepared. She worked with us to create a plan and executed that plan. We would definitely use her again.” -- Brad M., President of US Subsidiary of German Company wrongfully accused of stealing trade secret information  

"After meeting with five other lawyers, I was referred to Booka. She agreed to represent me after I was terminated after for workplace violence and was falsely accused of stealing narcotics. I could not have asked for anyone better than Booka Smith to help me. Booka is one of the most dedicated, experienced, investigative, and professional attorneys I have ever seen. Booka was well versed in all the employment law violations my employer committed. She was very organized, aggressive, and thorough in presenting and settling my case in a very timely manner. After retaining Booka it became clear to me that she genuinely cares for her clients and she is a true competitor for her clients' best interests. I highly recommend Booka, as it was an honor and a pleasure to have her exemplary representation. I thank Booka for helping me get my career back on track and for giving me my life back!" -- Crystal P., Former Pharmacy Technician of a large hospital and victim of wrongful termination and defamation of character 

Booka is the consummate professional. She handled a discrimination claim for me and worked diligently to ultimately achieve a successful outcome. She is a pleasure to work with and knows how to manage the delicate and complex intricacies of a labor claim. I highly recommend her if you are seeking an accomplished, proactive, competent attorney who delivers!” – Betsy C., Former Human Resources Director of Internet Technology Company wrongfully terminated in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

“It was a pleasure working with Booka Smith. Emotions run high surrounding cases such as my own, yet emotions such as fear, anxiety and pain were tempered by a sense of confidence in Booka’s incredible work ethic, confident demeanor, and capable mind. I was comforted by her ability to understand my plight, her belief that I was right in pursuing justice and her ability to transform my experience into a strong, compelling case.”       -- Kathy B., Former Executive Director of Design of renowned clothing manufacturer, victim of sexual harassment and wrongfully terminated in violation of multiple civil rights statutes

“I was fired from my job as Field Supervisor at a Fortune 500 oil services company because I refused to drive a truck loaded with explosives in dangerous weather conditions. I was blessed to find Booka to represent me in my case for wrongful termination. I had previously contacted three other lawyers to inquire about representation and was turned down by one, and unimpressed with the other two. Then I found Booka. From the very beginning, it was obvious to me that Booka is very well educated and a fighter. My case took a long time to resolve and there were a lot of highs and lows. The experience was very overwhelming and stressful. I was devastated about my career being ruined. Booka was very supportive and resilient throughout the entire process. She coached me every step of the way. Booka was always very well prepared, organized, and ready for the ongoing onslaught of attacks by my former employer’s lawyers. Booka was very dedicated to my case and battled hard to get me a settlement larger than I had ever anticipated or expected. If you have been wrongfully terminated and need strong legal representation, I highly recommend that you contact Booka!” – Brent K, Former Field Supervisor for a Fortune 500 Oil Services Company, wrongfully terminated in violation of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act

“Over the course of my career as a corporate general counsel I oversaw my employers’ defense of employment related claims and retained and managed outside lawyers at the biggest employment law firms in the country. After being wrongfully terminated from my position as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of a large corporation which does business worldwide and earned about $1,500,000,000 in annual revenues, I needed personal representation to handle the most important legal matter of my career. I immediately began searching for an employment lawyer to take my case. I found that most of the lawyers I approached showed little interest in my case because they knew that they would be going up against a well-funded company and that a lawsuit would be a difficult, costly, and time consuming process. Booka believed strongly in my case and agreed to represent me despite the difficult hurdles we knew we would face. Booka faithfully and diligently represented me in my employment case for over two years. She never wavered in providing strong representation. Having dealt with dozens of the country’s top employment litigators, I was very impressed with Booka and extremely pleased with her representation. I can wholeheartedly recommend Booka to anyone who finds themselves in a David v. Goliath dispute with their employer.” – Unnamed Whistleblower & Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Global Corporation earning $1,500,000,000 in annual revenues

"I am an executive with over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. I was terminated from my last position after I internally reported to the CEO of the Company I worked for that I believed that the Company was complicit in rampant Medicaid fraud. Immediately after I was fired I did extensive research to find a lawyer to represent me. I wanted the best employment attorney in Colorado. After working with Booka Smith, I am happy to report that she is in fact the best! Booka took the time to truly inderstand the complexities of the fraud and she eased my anxiety. She is extremely knowlegable, thorough and competent. It was impressive to see how quickly she cited the applicable laws that were violated in my employment case. Her communication was always immediate and informative. She kept me informed of her strategy and explained all the moves she made on my behalf. As a result of Booka's hard work and dedication, my case was brought to a very fruitful conclusion." -- Brian H., Healthcare Executive wrongfully terminated in violation of public policy for internally reporting Medicaid fraud 

“Booka Smith successfully defended me against a highly litigious multi-billion dollar company, which accused me of stealing trade secret information after I resigned from my employment as the Company’s lead scientist. Even though my former employer had a team of attorneys and very deep pockets, Booka never gave in. She implemented a strong strategy that included significant favorable case law that helped lead to a successful resolution of my case. Booka possesses all the qualities of a great attorney and provided excellent representation through the entire legal process.” – Mike S., Former Lead Scientist of Worldwide Design & Manufacturing Company wrongfully accused of stealing trade secret information

It has been such a pleasure to have worked with such a righteous, compassionate and moral driven attorney as Ms. Smith. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all her dedication. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. It’s been a blessing to have her in my corner. Not only was she supportive and extremely knowledgeable, but she is an amazing litigator, she worked tirelessly on my behalf. It wasn’t about a job, it was about what was right and standing up for it.” -- Rachel M., Teenaged Fast-food Industry Worker and victim of workplace sexual harassment

“I had a very complicated civil suit case against my employer and supervisor. Booka Smith represented me throughout this ordeal. I was so impressed with Booka, as she was always two steps ahead of the defendants’ attorneys. Booka always had my best interests first and made sure I was prepared and comfortable through the entire process. We settled the case much to my satisfaction. I could not have had a better attorney represent me.” -- Renee R., Restaurant Industry Sales Representative wrongfully terminated in violation of multiple federal civil rights statutes

“When I was referred to Booka Smith, I was feeling hopeless and violated after being harassed by my former employer. After a work related disagreement unfolded with my former manager, he used my combat related and service connected disability status as a way to run me out of the company by placing multiple unattainable medical clearance requirements that not only violated my company’s medical policies but also EEOC laws in affect before I could be allowed to return to work. After months of harassment that affected me and my family both emotionally and financially, I constructively discharged. Booka promised me that she would make things right and get me compensated for the unfair treatment and she followed through on her promise by securing me an out of court award with little to no heartache. Thanks to Booka, my life is finally back on track.” -- James S., Whistleblower and victim of veteran status discrimination and harassment in the workplace

“Booka Smith represented me in a workplace discrimination claim. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in employment law and has earned the respect of her clients and peers. Booka is intelligent, thorough, accessible, and takes a common sense approach to issues. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” -- Sherry F., Whistleblower & Former Executive VP of Finance for a Fortune 500 Engineering Company

“I would not hesitate to recommend Booka Smith to anyone seeking legal assistance with employment claims. She is thorough, patient, and very knowledgeable about the procedures, tactics, and stakeholders involved in each step of the litigation process. While Booka can be firm when needed, she is very skilled at maintaining a collaborative relationship with opposing counsel, and she brought my case to a satisfying conclusion and swift with minimal costs.” -- Nancy F., Former Marketing Director of Internet Technology company and victim of sexual harassment in the workplace

“I retained Booka Smith to represent me in connection with severance negotiations with my former employer. Booka was incredibly understanding and knowledgeable in every aspect of my case. She thoroughly prepared for the presentations, was extremely effective in her communications, and did an excellent job in negotiating an out-of-court separation settlement on my behalf. I was deeply touched by how Booka relentlessly drove for a settlement in my best interests with exceptional patience, especially facing dire frustration caused by frequent changes and maneuvering made by my former employer and their attorneys. The emotional support provided throughout indeed gave a great relief for my family and me to pass through such a prolonged and painful negotiation process. The final result of the settlement was substantially higher than my employer’s initial severance offer. This is why I continue to engage Booka to provide additional legal services. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Booka’s outstanding legal services in resolving labor disputes.” – Unnamed Whistleblower & Former President of China-based subsidiary of Global Fortune 500 Engineering Company

“I highly recommend Booka Smith for all employment law matters! I researched and met with several employment lawyers before choosing Ms. Smith. My initial contact was just for advice, however, when the situation reached the helm, Ms. Smith guided me through my stressful ordeal. Ms. Smith’s experience and knowledge about employment law matters was a calming force throughout. Booka continually answered all of my many questions, walked me through the hurdles we faced, explained the decisions we had to make and how we should best respond. The matter I dealt with was quite emotional for me and my family; I was happy to have it resolved and have Ms. Smith to thank for that.” -- Erin C., Former Director in the education industry, new mother and target of family responsibilities discrimination in the workplace

"I was terrified about speaking with an attorney before I was referred to Ms. Smith. The problems I was having with my company were serious and not only did Booka take the time to really understand my situation, her advice helped me keep a level head. Once I retained Booka she worked hard to resolve the issues with my employer in a timely manner. I enjoyed speaking with Booka. She is friendly, concise, and she really listened to me to help me achieve my ultimate goal. If you need legal advice about your employment situation, I suggest you look no further than Booka!" -- Zach V., Former Assistant Sales Manager in the automotive industry, African-American and victim of workplace disability based harassment and failure to accommodate

"After I first reached out to Booka Smith via e-mail seeking representation, I received an immediate response. Booka's promptness in responding to my request and her enthusiasm to take on a large corporation with over 1,500 employees stood out from all the other employment lawyers I contacted in the Denver area. Booka came through for me and extracted me from the workplace when it was impossible for me to be at work for even one day due to the ongoing harassment. From the get go, Booka was incredibly detail oriented, thorough, and strategic every step of the way. Booka's work ethic is unparalleled and she worked on my case and took my calls before and after regular business hours, on weekends, and on holidays. Booka's work was outstanding and I enthusiastically recommend her." -- Paula C., Healthcare Professional, Whistleblower, and victim of workplace harassment and discrimmination

“I am grateful I had Booka Smith on my side to guide me through a very difficult situation with my employer. Booka helped me when other firms wouldn’t. From the beginning I felt Booka was a huge asset because she took her experience representing the employer and used that to help me, the employee. In addition, Booka was efficient and responsive. I’m very pleased with the outcome and have Booka to thank.” - Natalie C., Former Vice President of Sales of marketing company wrongfully terminated for reporting sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace

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